Comedy - Flash Fiction - About 600 Words

Cheap Whiskey

When Jackson breaks into his granny’s house to steal her Johnny Walker Blue, he learns her reasons behind drinking the good stuff.  

Fantasy - Short Fiction - About 3000 Words


"Keepers" is a story about soulmates, survival, and sacrifice. Jules, London, and Angel attempt to fulfill a prophecy to save their world and the human world. Can they do it and stay alive?

Supernatural - Short Fiction - About 4000 Words

"The Interrogator"

When the supernatural becomes reality, learning weaknesses will keep you alive. In "The Interrogator" an apocalypse has begun and the ghouls that started it have no idea what they are in for. Kate, born a human, works with Ian, a Psi (psychic vampire), to find Kate's brother, Kris after he is kidnapped. Kate is ruthless when it comes to interrogation and takes advantage of every method of torture possible. It is crucial that they find her brother, but even more imperative they stay alive.

Comedy - Screenplay - 5 Pages

"Cheap Whiskey"

In "Cheap Whiskey" an elderly grandmother has to teach Jackson, her alcoholic grandson, a lesson about the troubles that come along with drinking cheap whiskey after he breaks into her house to steal the good stuff.